What I love about Ixora Apartment, Melaka

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View of Ixora from MMU

I've been staying here in Ixora Apartment, in the same room, same unit, since the first time I set foot in MMU, which is on 2009. The building is built on higher ground, which makes it the tallest building here in Bukit Beruang, it can even become a landmark because you can see it from anywhere lol. But still, just because it looks awesome doesn't mean it is THAT awesome right?

Recently I just found out that my unit has a owner. I thought we, the tenants, ARE the owner lol, but nope. I was informed that the owner wants us to move out from his/her unit since he/she wants it back for unknown reason. Also, I was informed too that we will be moving out to a new unit just beside our current one, awesome I guess? Maybe I should move out instead?

What's been bugging me about Ixora since the very beginning is that.....THE INTERNET SUX!! The free internet, which I doubt it's free to begin with, will provide you only 20-30Kbps of speed and you will rarely get to the top speed (most of the time it is SUPER SLOW). Not just that, you can't play online games with it and also it can't multitasking, by that I mean you can't do multiple downloads or load 2 pages at the same time. Because of this, students will resort to fixing themselves da STREAMYX!....which is not really an effective solution...

You can only install 1Mbps Streamyx here in Ixora, yeap no kidding, 1 FUQIN Mbps ONLY! All other apartments doesn't have this problem, but why must Ixora?? THE AWESOME, TALLEST, IXORA?? It's okay if the 1Mbps is just for yourself....but imagine sharing it with other housemates. Yeap, sometimes the speed became super slow even a dial-up can be considered faster.

The rent is high, but with the shitty Internet, I find it kinda not worth it...

But still, despite the shitty Internet, honestly Ixora is a nice place to stay. Here are the reasons why :

1. It is just beside MMU (around 1 minute walking distance)

For a procrastinator like me, this is super useful. Instead of being a good student and head to class 30 minutes earlier, I can choose to head out 5-10 minutes earlier instead and still able to attend the class before it starts.

2. Shops are nearby, lots of em

This is really convenient for me since all the useful shops are reachable whenever I want to....although sometimes I'll just go by car lol.

3. Amazing balcony view and awesome breeze

Since I am living in 11th floor, the view at the balcony is amazing especially in the morning. Also, when it's raining, once the wind enters the house....*orgasm*. Honestly, this is the main reason why I feel reluctant to move out from Ixora. Since my student life can be stressful sometimes, this is the only thing that can calm me down. I don't think other apartments have this shit.....since they are not tall enough lol.


Well, I guess that's all about Ixora. I am considering moving out to another apartment which is just beside Ixora. Although the view from the balcony is not as nice as Ixora, the facilities are kinda nice though. Still considering....but deep inside, I kinda don't wanna move out lol. Well, I guess we'll see how it goes.


At January 23, 2013 at 4:46 PM, Blogger mish berries said...

Lol yeah, the 1mb Streamyx thing. Having that now, and it has stopped working since a week ago. They are telling me that I have to wait for TWO weeks to get it fixed and greatest news, the internet in MY ROOM has STOPPED working too!! I am like internetLESS.


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